Oven, Hob, Stove, Extractor Repairs

Oven, Hob, Stove, Extractor Repairs in Johannesburg

Oven, Hob, Stove, Extractor Repairs

Here at Maximum Output we have over 28 years industry experience and this makes us your 1st choice for:






Bosch Oven & Stove


We specialize in BOSCH, SIEMENS and GAGGENAU repairs. Along with those brands we support the following :: AEG, MIELE, DEFY, SAMSUNG, LG, KIC, KELVINATOR, INDESIT

All workmanship as well as mechanical, electronic and electrical spare parts are guaranteed. The guarantee period depends on the supplier, usually the majority of suppliers supply a 3 month guarantee, but there are certain spare parts that come with a 1 year guarantee.


– oven / stove not getting hot or taking too long to reach temperature

– oven / stove is too hot no matter the temperature setting

– oven / stove tripping mains

– oven / stove not even coming on

– oven / stove elements are weak or not working

– oven / stove fan is constantly working

– oven / stove is noisy

– oven / stove light is not working

– oven / stove door is not closing properly

– oven / stove needs new seal

 – hob / plates are getting too hot no matter the setting

– hob / plates tripping the electricity

– hob / plates not coming on

 – extractor not switching on

– extractor light not coming on

– extractor speed is on high / low no matter what the setting is

– extractor tripping electricity

– extractor not pulling / sucking well enough

– extractor needs a new carbon / char coal / grease filter

– microwave working or on but not heating

– microwave dead

– microwave tripping electricity

– microwave plate not turning

– microwave works for 3 seconds then switches off

– microwave works for 20 seconds then switches off

– microwave light not working

Oven, Hob, Stove, Extractor Repairs

Please note that our callout fee has increased from R420.00 to R500.00 – effective 01.04.2020

The callout fee is compulsory and does not go toward the repair if the quote is accepted