online booking maximum output appliance repair johannesburg

Below you will find an explanation of how we work … please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions.

1.  We will confirm the date and time of day of the callout (usually over the phone and if you are unreachable, we will try again or send a whatsapp message – provided we have correct contact details.

2.  We will then come to your home / business and inspect the appliance in question and leave to get the prices and part availability for any spares required.

3.  You will then receive a quote – usually summarised, and you may receive an itemised quote upon request. If the quote is rejected a callout fee of R500.00 (five hundred rand) will apply (payable by cash or EFT). If you accept the quote, the quoted price is all inclusive and final – no hidden costs.

4.  If the spares needed are more expensive then usual, a 60% (sixty percent) deposit will be required before they are ordered.

5.  We will then contact you again to confirm the date and time of day for the installation of spares / repairs. At which time you will be required to pay the total amount before the repairs are carried out. We realise that not everyone can be trusted so your other option is to make a cash payment upon completion the repairs or to do an EFT and hand our technician the proof of payment before he leaves your premises.

6.  From this point on we hold a full and complete 3 month guarantee on all spares and workmanship regarding the repair(s) performed.

You may also bring the unit / appliance in. You will be charged an Inspection Fee [R200.00], we will then provide a quote, if you accept the quote, we put the inspection fee toward the repair. If you reject the quote, we keep the inspection fee.

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