We decided to shed some light on terms that we use.


  • SERVICE on a domestic appliance

Customers usually request a SERVICE for their appliance(s) and this is a general misconception.

Customers think that a SERVICE on an appliance is something like a service on a vehicle. Unfortunately it is nothing like that. A service on a WASHING MACHINE, TUMBLE DRYER and DISHWASHER is cleaning and lubrication of the components/pipes/hoses/bearings/soap hoses – below/behind the covers.

Domestic FRIDGES/FREEZERS don’t have much to be serviced apart from cleaning the CONDENSER.

Electric OVENS, MICROWAVES and electric HOBS do not have any components to be SERVICED – their components either work or they don’t.

Extractor Fans or Cooker Hoods can be serviced, but 99.9% of the time this consists of cleaning the filter covers – this can be done by the customer – these days all new extractors have dishwasher safe filter covers, meaning that you may remove the filter covers, place them into your dishwasher and set the dishwasher to wash the greasy filter covers. If your extractor has grease filters (the white material that sits behind the filter cover and before the round charcoal filters), this can be replaced.